Tremendous Growth exhibited in the laser cutting machine market

Tremendous Growth exhibited in the laser cutting machine market

The laser cutting machine market was valued at 3.02 billion Dollars in 2015 worldwide. The growing trend of automation inside the manufacturing sector and the escalating demand for the end-use industry are predicted to supplement the need for these machines in the coming days.

Cutting materials like steel or plastic with absolute precision is possible with the use of laser cutting machines. It’s a crucial manufacturing instrument necessary for industries to manufacture parts with complex geometry. These components mainly being for the automotive industry, machine industry, consumer electronics, and other manufacturing industries.

The laser cutting industry has witnessed different phases of advancements in power, quality and thickness of cutting material & efficiency in the past few decades. Hence, cutting thin and thick metals at higher speeds is a quality possessed by the machines of today.

With the utilisation of laser cutting, it’s possible to cut varied materials including metallic, non-metallic and artificial substances of miscellaneous thickness. During the method, a laser beam is passed through the material to cut it accurately. Depending on the actual content, lasers could be produced through vaporisation, thermal stress cracking, melt and blow & cold cutting, or other techniques. It’s also possible to control the laser with a mess of reflective surfaces. Precision is the pivotal quality that lasers offer. A laser-cut part is more has smoother edges and excels in terms of accuracy. Since there’s less operator involvement in laser cutting, the chances of human error also comparatively low. Another economic advantage of laser cutting is that the time required for the operation is minimal when compared to standard cutting.

Growing urbanisation, high adoption of laser cutting machines by end-users, and rise in investments by manufacturers are the driving forces that have profoundly impacted the laser machine market.

The rise in globalisation has led to an extensive demand among consumers for final products to the micron level. Moreover, the end-use segment is widely adopting these machines to supply high-quality products quickly and efficiently. The widespread trend of automation is warranting manufacturers to automate various processes, including laser cutting machine industry.

Industrialisation being among the foremost reasons for the Growth in laser cutting market has sky-rocketed demand for laser cutting machines from developing economies like India, South Korea, China, South Africa, and Brazil. This reason will further fuel the demand for laser cutting machines over the forecast period. 

Stable Growth of automobile industry is one of the first components, which is impacting the worldwide laser cutting machine market. Production capabilities of automobiles have witnessed a significant increase in the past decade in Asian countries like China and India. This increase in the automobile industry will potentially benefit the laser cutting market and help it advance further.

Soaring need for accurate and precise shapes in electrical equipment, electronics sector, and industrial tools is further expected to proliferate the demand for laser cutting machines in the coming future. Developing economies will be highly benefited with the addition of these machines.

Laser cutting machine market is predicted to surpass 5.7 billion dollars by 2022. The rise in production requirements in various industries and decrease in human involvement for improving the metal quality facilitate the necessity for automation in manufacturing industries. Laser cutting machines fulfil these requirements.

Laser cutting machines are taking the world by storm and will only keep getting popular amongst businesses in the coming future. To buy or know more about laser cutting machines, visit us at

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