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We offer high-quality laser products/services that make precise designs and create a solid foundation in every industry.


At Asian Laser, we offer laser products at affordable prices that are maintenance-free and long lasting.

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Being an ISO certified company with more than 30 years, led us to be a reliable choice for our customers.

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At Asian Laser, we strive to contrive products that are easy to operate and requires less human resources.

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With 30 years of experience, Asian Laser is a comprehensive laser marking, engraving, and laser welding machine provider in India. Depending on the rich expertise of laser key technology, researching and inventing more than 30 years, Asian Laser has produced a series of laser technology.

We are involved in the installation, training, repair, and preventive maintenance of laser machines used in various industries. We are the leading medicine, engineering, solar energy, and jewellery laser welding machine suppliers in India. Our services reach all over India, Sri Lanka, and Saudi Arabia. Currently, we operate out of our three offices in Mumbai.


As being a synonym of Quality, Asian Laser believes in delivering quality products only.

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Being an ISO certified company, our professionals are highly trained to resolve all your queries.


At Asian Laser, we offer reasonable and competitive rates compared to the market.

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ISO Certified solutions for your Laser equipment!
Asian Laser offers advanced engraving, cutting, marking, and industrial laser welding machines in India. We cover the full dynamism series of laser cutting operations, laser welding systems, laser marking scale, texturing machine, heat treatment systems, drilling machines, laser devices, all kinds of support materials, laser processing, and many more laser machining tools.

Repair Services

Asian Laser, a leading laser welding systems integrator in India, we provide immediate maintenance services and carry out repair work for the customer with the least downtime.


Our highly-skilled professionals give training to our customers at the time of installation, for machine operation and software.

Spare Parts

At Asian Laser, we believe in providing a complete solution for all our products, that includes Spare Parts to meet all your urgent needs.

Immediate service

Our prompt and instant 24×7 service drives us to be the leader in the Laser industry.
laser marking machine

Gain customized and professional Laser equipment for your industrial requirements!

As a pioneer and a leading laser marking, engraving, and laser welding machine operators in India, our professionals are the masters of the devices that we handle. We deliver quick and instant service for our clients to meet their requirements.

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Asian Laser is the leading laser marking machine provider in India. Our Laser marking is one of the most conventional laser processing technologies. Laser marking is bounded irradiation in substances with a high energy laser shaft to make it vanish rapidly and color variation by physical or chemical reaction. These markers are durable and hard to remove. Our laser marking solutions are integrated with the high standard configuration; the laser marking machine has a precision marking effect, affordable and stable performance.



The laser welding systems are one of the most common laser processing equipment. The heat-affected zone, welding joints, welding performance, are significant indicators of welding technology. The welding technology of Asian Laser wins a lot of national patent certifications and all kinds of authoritative awards. Our machines are very widespread in domestic and other international regions. Being the pioneers of automatic laser welding systems, Asian Lasers develops not only a first-class laser welding machine, but also provides suitable welding application solutions for customers.



Equipped with the world-class cutting system that combines the validity, accuracy, operability, high reliability, and diagnostic techniques perfectly. Being the magician in the laser cutting machine, Asian Laser is known for its efficiency and high productivity by utilizing a single piece that eliminates all bolted joints. Merged with twin side-drive through high precision, the result has a wide range of applications in diverse industries. It has spread rapidly because of its advantages, convenient operation, simple equipment, and a computer-friendly interface.

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Stay updated with the latest trends and tips on the Laser industry with us!

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Being a pioneer, our flawless and immediate service to our customers will always be sustained and will ensure to be the most reliable in the Laser industry.

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