Government and industry organizations have deemed it necessary to keep product legibility and identification. It is now essential for a product to hold a permanent marking that will not only answer the regulation but also combine discrepancy with one’s commodities. Laser marking and laser engraving have gained in popularity in a few years. The terms laser engraving and laser marking are often used conversely in the business. Nevertheless, as a business proprietor or just a property owner looking for uniqueness, one alternative is always the best for you. You might require to label parts, put a Vehicle Identification Number, put your logo or just serial number- engraving or imprinting, which one would be the best option? Know it yourself!

The terminology can be confusing, while laser marking and laser engraving might appear to be similar things, they hold significant differences. Both of them are different in-process and ultimate presentation. The resolution to choose either depend on numerous things.

Laser Engraving
In laser engraving, a vital shift is impacted by your product. It includes eliminating a part of the surface in certain depth. It is the most popular option for people who would like an industrial feel when moving fingers over the embedded area. It is a standard choice for products like plastics, steel, glass, wood, and even leather.

Laser Marking
Laser marking is simplistic and possibly engaging to look at. It is when a laser beam is directed to a surface & slightly modifies it without burning it off. It might insignificantly change the properties of a material to alter its look. The most common form of laser marking involves oxidation under the surface of an object, changing the color to black. Nevertheless, some commodities might need marking preferably than engraving.

Various things that can be used for branding

1. Stationery products– Laser engraved pen with a company name, or website name is the most commercial item for branding as it never fades off and also creates a perpetual mark in the mind of the recipient.

2. Novelty– Company logo or signature can be engraved or marked on materials like leather & fabric bags with leather laser cutting machines. Mugs and glasses are also one of the most popular items that are engraved for gifting.

3. Medium Density-Fibreboard (MDF) Items– There are MDF boxes or photo frames that resemble great with engraving and artistic cutting.

4. Others – If your manufactured product is small enough to be used in office and house, IU it can be used for engraving or marking your company logo, name, or website for brand marking.


Laser engraving is a technology that can help in both the spheres of branding & marketing. These are the two most essential hands of any business person. A preconceived opinion conceives laser marking technology as an industrial commodity, but along with the advancements in the market, it is now used by every small & big firm. Creativity is the crucial factor towards your success, and besides that creating your mark is essential. Usage of laser broadens the arena to such a level that your creativity becomes more visible and authentic. Thus it makes your commodities more attractive & appealing. You can be appealing and magnificent at the same time. How can it get better than this? Think!

Laser technology works miracles when it finds its right match with the perfect device. The most generally used laser engravers in the industrial sector are either laser marker systems or laser cutting machines. If you are looking for a device that does both cutting and engraving without endangering the quality of the goods, then a laser cutting system is the answer. On the contrary, if you want to choose a method to mark on any plastics and bare metals to showcase images, designs, barcodes, etc. then fiber laser systems are your solutions.

In today’s time, trusting someone blindly is a risky affair. You may suffer substantial losses if you don’t follow the notion of protective security. It serves as a guard to prevent fraud and duplication of your hard work.

You can use laser engraving technology to protect your brilliant ideas and your brand. Today, laser engraving has advanced to such a level that it manages a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.5%in a year. It is high time for every passionate business to know the advantages of laser cutting, marking & engraving so that they can enunciate their smart work in the best possible way.

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