Laser Welding Machine ALD 200

Laser Welding Machine ALD 200

Asian Laser’s laser welding machine, is an extravagant machine for everyone.
For starting a new business, expanding your production, or developing your existing product range, you can go ahead with Asian Laser. We are the automatic laser welding machine companies in India that offer high-quality components to ensure minimal downtime and maintenance. It has the most advanced light shielding system that reduces irritation to eyes by the Laser during working. Our jewelry laser welding machine in India has the highest laser lifetime on the market too. Asian Laser creates it with highly skilled technicians and engineers.


  • Less heat-affected zone
  • No deformation of the product
  • Deep and firm welding
  • 24 hours of continuous work
  • The most advanced light shielding system

This machine aids in easily weld precious metals like Platinum, Titanium, Gold, Silver, and Palladium. Also, repair casting defects, porosity filling, prong, micro pave, without removing the stone.
The Laser Welding Machine has been specially developed to serve the requirements:

  • Automotive
  • Solar
  • Electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Hardware
  • Watches
  • Stainless steel
  • Denture/Dentistry
  • Jewelry

Why Asian Laser?

Asian Laser is one of the leading cutting, engraving, and laser welding company in India. We cover the full dynamism series of laser cutting operations, laser welding systems, Laser marking scale, Laser texturing machine, laser heat treatment systems, laser drilling machines, laser devices, all kinds of support materials, laser processing, and plasma machining tools.


As being a synonym of Quality, Asian Laser believes in delivering quality products only.

Immediate service

Our prompt and instant 24x7 service drives us to be the leader in the Laser industry.


At Asian Laser, we produce laser products as per your business demands and requirements.

Industry professionals

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Being a pioneer in the Laser industry, our professionals are highly trained to resolve all your queries.