Few advantages that’ll turn you get laser marking machines.

Few advantages that’ll turn you get laser marking machines.

Laser marking and engraving system technology has drastically evolved. Permanent marking machines are no longer a luxury. Whether you want to expand into distinct markets, striving to maintain existing business, or add a competing advantage choosing the right laser marking equipment with the best capabilities is important. A laser marking method can give you prominence you need to compete in today’s high-value markets.
The power and inherent advantages of computer-aided laser marking systems are being appreciated more and more each day. The novel, high-quality images and machine-readable codes that laser markers can create today, easily trump the simplistic alpha-numeric markings. The possible uses of laser marking are infinite: jewellery, aviation, medical devices, electronics, and many other parts that require marking are all prime applicants for this method.
Here are a few advantages of Laser Marking Technology

Advanced technology
Time and modern technology have delivered laser marking machine manufacturers of India into a future where laser engraving is using newer laser technology to out-strips the cost and quality of the product.
High- precision laser markings are achievable on almost any type of substance, including gold, platinum, silver, brass, stainless steel, carbide, copper, titanium, aluminium. It also covers a wide variety of medical-grade alloys and plastics.

Laser marking machines are known for their high-temperature stability, and micro coded marks that are long-lasting. The method does not include toxic solvents, inks, or acids used on this bio-compatible base-metal.

Traceable marking systems include hand engraving and dot-peen marking, that do not fade and run. Laser marking is routinely called out for products that have lifetime traceability requirements imposed on them. This integrated time-induced corruptibility is why the non-contact laser marking method is improving how routine engraving is done today.

Eye-catching graphics
Laser marking machines imprint eye-catching graphics into clear anodized aluminium parts for the high-end aftermarket automotive industry. You will be capable of creating dark, engaging marks into this material, that will enhance the beauty and not lower the overall aesthetics of the product.

Non-contact engraving
Lasers are a non-contact engraving system, that means no tools to wear or break. Laser marking methods are reliable and sturdy, simple to program, and cost-effective to operate.

Identification text, serial numbers, logos, 2-D data matrix, barcoding, graphic and digital images, or any individual method data can be performed with laser marking.

Here are some benefits of laser marking machines:

  • Simple customized text, bitmaps, graphic and CAD-files (HPGL)
  • Marking and cutting of flakes and light-gauge steel sheets in one cycle
  • Fast marking on high-priced metals with heat-sensitive substances
  • Mark, finish, anneal and etch with one device
  • Set up custom operations quickly and easily

For over 30 years, Asian Laser, the laser marking machine manufacturers in India, provides the best laser machines to enhance productivity and profitability. We surmise that you do have a preference in today’s global market, and we take our relationship with our extended clients as an obligation and privilege. We are here to assist you when you are ready to discuss how our laser marking and engraving system may be appropriate for your business.
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